Solenoid Controlled Directional Valves

4WE Series

1. Max pressure: 28 MPA
2. Max Flow: 160/300/450/700/1100L/min
3. Types of operation: 4 WEH/4 WH
4. Connect Mode: Individual/Center
5. Throttle Size: 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm
6. Size: 10/16/22/25

There are four different pilot control types to control main valve’s spool moving accurately. It is used to control the start, stop and direction of a fluid flow. The shifting time also can be adjusted by assembling throttle and check valve.

Solenoid Controlled Directional Valves

DSHG 02/03/04/06

Solenoid Pilot operated Directional Valves and Hydraulically operated Directional Valves conforming to ISO 4401-7 or 8, NFTA T3.5.1M R1 and ANSI B93.7 D07 or D08 interfaces.

Proportional Electro Hydraulic Controls

EFBG Series

1. Max Pressure: 24.5 MPA
2. Max Flow: 2L/min
3. Stagnant Loop: Less than 3%
4. Repeat Precision: 1%

They can adjust system pressure proportionally base on input electricity of proportional solenoids. The flow is small and usually is used as pilot valve for system pressure tele control valve and other valves. The unloading when pressure is over loading can be come true by installing safe insert file ,then it can protect proportional solenoid and system.

Proportional Electro Hydraulic Controls

EDG 01/03

This proportional valve adopts two electrical loops to control pressure and flow of hydraulic system respectively. Using very small pressure drop to track load pressure and control the pump pressure, it is an energy-saving valve.

Pilot Operated Relief Valves

BG 03/06

These valves protect the hydraulic system from excessive pressure and can be used to maintain constant pressure in a hydraulic system. Remote control and unloading are premitted by using vent circuits

Solenoid Controlled Relief Valves

BSG 03/06

The valve is assembled by relief valve and solenoid valve. It can use electricity signal to unload pump or use pilot control relief valve to get double pressure or three pressure control for system.

Catridge Valves

DHF 08-228H

Pumps are available in SAE, two bolts & four bolts flanges with parallel & taper shaft . Displacement from 0.80 cm3 / 4.53 cm3 / rev. Maximum pressure @ 210 bar.

Catridge Valves

DHF 08-222

Pumps are available in SAE, two bolts & four bolts flanges with parallel & taper shaft . Displacement from 0.80 cm3 / 4.53 cm3 / rev. Maximum pressure @ 210 bar.

Prefill Valves

PV 63/80/100/125/150

The Prefill valve inputs vast fluid from oil box to oil vat when oil vatenters quickly. It can cut down return flow from oil vat oil box during increasing pressure process. Pilot control pressure oil opens prefill valve and makes fluid which is at oil vat inside vent back to oil box when oil vat returns.

Flame Proof Solenoid Valves

Our range of flame proof solenoid valves are used in gas flow applications. Being explosion proof also these provides optimum performance with complete safety. Our high pressure valve, are CMRI approved for their functionality and quality and are suitable for different gas groups. These are used in various industries lime oil & gas, nuclear power industry, petroleum refineries and other similar industries.