OMR Motor Gears


The OMR Series motor takes advantage of the latest proven technology for improved durability and reliability. Industry standard mounting flanges and output shafts allow the OMR series motors to be easily Incorporated In your application. The OMR Series motor are fixed displacements. geroler type units that are known for dependability and performance. This design provides better endurance characteristics for these motors in your application.

OMS Motor Gears

The gear set of OMS(E) motor is consisted of rotor, stator and rollers which can increase moto performance and efficiency. Feature tapered roller bearing on the output shaft which allows for the motors to sustain very high radial and axial loads. OMS(E) Motor Incorporate an advanced valvlng design that allows the high pressure flow to be better isolated from the low pressure flow within the motor

JMDG Piston Motor

JMDG radial piston hydraulic motor 
1. Low speed high torque hydraulic motor 
2. Perfect reliability, high efficiency, long life 
3. Low noise and wide range of speed 
4. Wide applications ranges: Mining machinery, heavy duty transportation equipment and metallurgy machinery, petroleum mining machinery, maritime deck machinery, machine tools and drilling equipment etc.